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Painless Periodontal Treatment 

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Painless Periodontal Treatment

Time Duration: Approx. 1 Hour

Guildford Dental Practice are proud to announce the introduction to the new EMS scaler and Air Flow. This machine is designed to give you a pain free scale and polish procedure.

Scaling may be defined as a procedure to remove calculus (tartar), soft deposits (plaque) and stains from teeth. This procedure can be performed supra or subgingivally. The objective of scaling is to remove or eliminate the agents which cause inflammation, i.e. soft deposits

(plaque) and calculus, thus helping the tooth’s supporting tissues to be free of disease.

On this page, we present the EMS Swiss Instruments, which are made for supragingival removal of calculus (tartar). You can also find on our website information concerning sub-gingival treatments in the Periodontics section and information about supragingival removal of soft deposits and stains in the Prophylaxis section.

Plaque soon hardens into calculus, which no longer comes off by brushing or flossing. This causes an ongoing state of inflammation or gingivitis and, if left unchecked, may lead to periodontal disease.

Ultrasonic scaling is a dental procedure using an electric device rather than hand instruments. Ultrasonic scalers vibrate at a frequency that breaks down bacterial cell membranes. Since bacteria are what make the plaque and calculus stick to the tooth surface, the ultrasonic scaler removes a great deal of both plaque and calculus.

Piezo-ceramic scalers are powered by a piezoelectric system that causes the tip to vibrate. Supragingival calculus removal should be a part of every professional teeth cleaning process. EMS Piezo technology delivers higher patient comfort providing the visit to the dental hygienist worry and pain free due to the controlled backward and forward motion of Piezon Scaling instruments, the dentist or hygienist can perform a treatment which is at the same time efficient and gentle for the patient.

With the added benefit of a pain free dental procedure, our EMS airflow allows us to safely remove up to 50% more stain removal safely.

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