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Orthodontic Treatment (Braces) 

The purpose of orthodontic braces is to treat your misaligned, crooked, crowded, or protruding teeth. It closes gaps between teeth to make sure your top and bottom teeth meet when you close your mouth. This makes your bite correct, lets you eat more comfortably, and benefits your smile.

Orthodontic treatments are not just for children. Many adults are identified as facing problems of improper teeth alignment. With discreet teeth straightening options available at Guildford Dental Practice, adult orthodontics has become easier than ever. 

  • Straight teeth remains comparatively healthy as they are not difficult to clean as crowded teeth. 
  • Orthodontic treatment resolves problem of clicking teeth – which can cause pain in jaws and creates tension on gum tissues.
  • Orthodontic treatment improves facial profile by moving the jaw and realigning the bite.
  • It reduces damage to prominent teeth.
  • Feeling confident about your smile is a great morale booster and will raise your confidence levels and your feelings of self-esteem too.

Braces have to be worn at all times till treatment lasts. Some braces can be removed, whereas some are fixed to the front or back of your teeth. Our dentist will discuss with you which type of brace can be most suitable for you.  

Removable braces 

Removable braces come with plastic plates with wire clips and springs attached to them, to move specific teeth. They can only move teeth by tipping or tilting them. Therefore they are used when the crowding of teeth is mild. 

A removable brace needs to be worn at all times, including during nights and while taking meals. Eating with a brace can make you feel awkward initially, but it gets easier after a few days. If you have to wear a mouthguard while playing sports, the brace can be taken out. 

The brace needs to be taken out for cleaning. We recommend you clean your brace over a sink full of water so that if you drop it accidentally, it is less likely to get damaged. 


Aligners are removable molds made of clear plastic. They are used if your condition is mild and you have most of your adult teeth that need to be moved in place.

A set of two aligners (for upper and lower teeth) needs to be worn for two weeks and then they need to be replaced with a new set. This procedure continues until the treatment is complete and your teeth have moved to the right place. 

The advantage of aligners is, they are almost transparent and therefore difficult to notice. At the same time, they are easier to clean than braces. The disadvantage of aligners is, they may take longer to improve the position of your teeth compared to braces.  


After your orthodontic treatment is complete, there remains a possibility that your teeth may move back towards their original position. This is called relapse. To stop this happen our orthodontist may use retainers, which are special braces used to keep your teeth in the correct position. Duration of retainers to be worn differs from patient to patient, depending on individual condition.

Retainers are available as removable and fixed, having their own advantages and disadvantages. Our orthodontist will help you choose the best for you.  

If you have any specific questions about orthodontic treatment please fill our Online Contact Form or call us on 01483 573 907. Alternatively, use our online consultation booking form tool to book your initial consultation.