Root Canal Treatment

Treatment Name

Root Canal Treatment

Time Duration

Two Visits

At Guildford Dental Practice we use Zeiss® Microscope to perform most aspects of Dental treatment including Root Canal Treatment. Below are just a few applications that utilize the Surgical
Improved lighting and magnification aid in locating additional canals. Microscope:

  • Improves ability to thoroughly clean prepared canals.
  • Aids in re-treatment of broken instruments.
  • Accurate depth of retro-prep extension can be more easily assessed.
  • Improves detection and evaluation of root fractures and abnormalities.
  • Allows our doctors to minimize the size of the surgical site, reducing patient discomfort and healing time.
  • Improves accuracy of micro-surgical incisions and suturing with 6–0 through 8–0 sutures, permitting precise tissue/tissue and tissue/tooth approximation
  • primary would be healing.
  • Provides high-resolution video for patient education, enhanced training, and insurance/legal documentation.